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7 Biggest Wedding Planning Mistakes

7 Biggest Wedding Planning Mistakes

I often get asked, what is the biggest problem I have to deal with when planning a wedding. The general perception is that it is stressful, especially when planning a wedding that is not your own.

In some ways this is probably true, but in my 10 years of working with brides to create their special day, I have learnt some extremely solid tricks of the trade! This makes my job a lot easier and certainly stress free.

One thing that saddens me the most is the mistakes that I see brides making over and over again, especially the ones who have decided to ‘go it alone’. Unfortunately it is often too late to rectify the mistakes before it has a negative effect on the wedding day.

This is why I have created my absolutely free download entitled ‘The 7 Biggest Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Wedding Day’.

‘7 Biggest Wedding Planning Mistakes’ Click here to get your FREE copy 

If you are engaged and planning your wedding, here’s what you will find out:

The first thing that often gets forgotten

How to choose the RIGHT supplier at the RIGHT price

How to avoid last minute headaches

The key to enjoying your wedding day experience


No matter what stage of your planning you are at, I am sure will agree that it’s better to know about these potential mistakes now, than to look back at your day with regrets.

So here’s the link again:   ‘7 Biggest Wedding Planning Mistakes’ Click here to get your FREE copy

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