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Why good energy is important for great sales

So you want great sales when you attend events

Achieving great sales is the dream of any business owner. So here I want to share with you my experience when I  attend events or exhibitions to sell my services.

At the end of a very long day, every part of me aches with exhaustion. Myself and my team have been on our feet the whole time and we’ve  talked to or smiled at everyone who passed the stand.

I have ensured that my stand has remained tidy throughout the duration of the event and have gained as many contact details as possible in order to follow up on specific requirements.

We have asked what feels like a thousand questions – from a general ‘how are you?’ to ‘is there something specific you are looking for today?’ .

Some people have stopped to chat, while others have hurried on with a brief smile or a mumble. Let face it. Not everyone will be interested in what you have to sell! However, at the end of the day an impressive amount has stopped and purchased or placed a provisional order.

The secret ingredient for great sales

Sales don’t happen by accident. Neither are they random. The only reason a sale takes place is because the customer was drawn to you – either by your display or your energy. But here’s the thing.  If your display is great and your energy sucks, this seldom results in a sale. Good energy is the secret ingredient that makes all your other sales ingredients work.

As business owners we can never forget that energy is infectious – regardless as to whether it is good or bad energy.

PAB Events great sales


My aim is that even if someone doesn’t buy from my stand they will always remember the ladies in red from PAB Events.

How aware are you of your energy? Is it top of your list? Dealing with your energy and getting you ready to achieve great sales is something I cover in my Get More Sales Workshops and other training programmes.

I would love to hear about your experiences so please leave your comments below.

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