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Why stallholder events in shopping centres is a big deal

Why having stallholder events in a shopping centre is big deal for stallholders

Stallholders are typically made up of passionate creative people. They have found something they love to do and after a while friends and family are telling them they should be selling their products at stallholder events. There then follows a period of uncertainty for the potential stallholder because they are now trying to sell to people who don’t know them.

Though there are many stallholder events that take place throughout the year in the form of festivals, seasonal markets etc, they don’t provide a consistent place where stallholders can build a regular customer base. It often leaves them feeling that success lies mainly around attending events where there is huge footfall.

Of course footfall is important but not as important as building customer relationships. Customer relationships can only be built if you connect regularly with a clear message. This is the advantage that the big retailers have. They’ve built a brand, they have a shop front and their customers know where to find them. It’s hard to forget someone if you keep seeing them over and over in the same place.

Fabtastic Shopping stallholder events

PAB Events Fabtastic Shopping stallholder events

Fabtastic Shopping works constantly to identify spaces that are not only consistent, but also provide visibility in high profile commercial areas. Once these areas are found, the high specifications laid out by the venues have to be molded in order to be achievable for independent traders. I clearly understand that these commercial venues are taking a punt on independent traders and their low budgets. None the less, they are providing the opportunity. So traders have to step up to be taken more seriously. This means better displays, great signage and more interaction.

If you have a great idea or talent, want to build sales and maybe even run your business full time some day, email me at info@pabevents.co.uk to find out more about training mentoring and on going support available throughout Fabtastic Shopping.

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