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Finish 2018 Strong

Finish 2018 strong

What do you really want to have by the end of the year? This question isn’t about a nice to have. It’s about what you really really want.

What was your biggest dream for 2018? If you have made at least 1 step towards it, that’s good. If you have made 2 or 3 steps towards it, that’s even better. If you have made huge strides and feel like your 2018 dreams will be a reality….whoop whoop!!!

Chances are that you are feeling a bit concerned right now and you have no clear plan to get those sales in by the end of this year. If so, the Finish 2018 Strong programme is for you.
Yes, you could continuing doing what you’re doing now, but will that get results? We’ve all been there. Things aren’t going the way we planned so we flounder around searching the internet, trawling social media and literally staying rooted to the spot. Getting nowhere. Fast.
PAB Events Fabtastic Paula Burns  My name is Paula Burns and I have designed this 4 week programme for small business owners who attend events to promote and sell. Especially as we approach the Christmas season, competition is fierce. Doing nothing isn’t an option.
Here’s what you will get with the Finish 2018 Strong 4 week programme:
  • 4 simple steps to smash your sales this Christmas
  • Step by step guidance to apply these steps to your business
  • Weekly online support sessions
  • Access to my exclusive membership club (for 4 weeks)
  • Advice from retail sales exert
  • Accountability so you can get things done 
And here’s the best bit………you will get all of this for the exclusive special offer price of just £39.
We start on 3rd Sept and places are limited
So. Are you ready? Click the button below, grab your space and let’s get ready to Finish 2018 Strong!

This programme has now started. If you would like to find out more email paula@pabevents.co.uk