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Get More Sales At Events

Be irresistible and get more sales at events and exhibitions!

Congratulations! You have taken the first step to creating an irresistible business in 2018.

Imagine attending events or exhibitions and consistently attracting customers instead of trying to sell. How amazing would that be? And even when you are not attending events, you are still attracting sales.

PAB Events Fabtastic Paula Burns  My name is Paula Burns and I work with independent businesses on a regular basis to help them stand out and be seen at events. I use a proven formula of understanding your customer and then communicating with them in a way that not only gets more sales, but gets them coming back for more!

I know what it’s like trying to get more sales at events

I have been running my business for over 13 years however I understand what it’s like when you are continually trying to get more sales just to get by. In the first 3 years of my business I was working hard trying to convince people to buy from me. Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn’t. The roller coaster of emotions was exhausting and the bills kept rolling in.  There are so many other businesses out there who are trying to get a piece of your potential customer’s hard earned cash. This means that you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd.

Here’s what you will gain from attending the Irresistibility Get More Sales Workshop:

  • A solid plan towards getting sales at every event
  • An understanding of how to make your products irresistible
  • Key marketing skills to get you and your products noticed at events
  • Renewed confidence in you and your business

No more do you need to keep hoping for the best and leaving an event feeling like it was all a waste of time. It’s time to become irresistible and to start running your stall or stand like a pro!

Here’s what other independent traders have been saying:

    PAB Events Fabtastic Testimonial Geoff Moseley                                                              PAB Events Fabtastic Testimonial James Hayes      PAB Events Fabtastic Testimonial Fiona Walker

So are you ready to become irresistible and get more sales at events?

The Irresistibility Get more Sales workshops have been designed with you in mind. I will be working with you using a step by step approach to cover all the important tasks required in order to get sales when you attend event and/or exhibitions; PLUS build your business. The process will be fun, practical and informative. Plus you will get the opportunity to share your experience with others who are just as serious about their business as you.

During the morning

  • Get to know you and your business
  • Learn the key principles of how to prepare to sell.
  • Get to know your ideal customer
  • Develop you as the ideal seller

During the afternoon

  •  Learn how to design the signage and marketing material that will work for your business
  • Practical ideas to develop your display and marketing techniques that you can implement in your business straight away
  •  Learn the key principles of how to create your display to attract attention and sales

After the workshop ongoing support will be available to help you stay on track!

Independent businesses have travelled from all over the UK to attend these workshops – Leeds, London, Bournemouth and even Barnsley. Now it’s your turn……………

Workshop dates will be published below as and when they become available. Get More Sales Irresistibility workshops are either held at Beechwood House, Christchurch Road, Newport, South Wales or they are held online.

Other shorter training sessions are also available. Click here to go to the shop and get help to increase your sales from just £9.95