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Escape the 9 to 5

Escape the 9 to 5




Escape The 9 to 5  On line Strategy Session

escape the 9 to 5

Are you struggling to work full time and also run your business on the side? Maybe your dream is to leave the the 9 to 5, but you really can’t see a way out that will provide you with enough income to make this decision. It’s one thing  generating income for extras but when it comes to generating enough to survive and enjoy life, is it freaking you out?

If this is you I can understand that the biggest problem is knowing where to start in order to make your dream a reality. Every week, it’s likely that you are sinking deeper into an existence of wishing for Fridays and dreading Mondays.

This strategy session has been designed to give you the confidence to get started with a real plan. Following the session, you will see a clear structure of what you can do now. Instead of feeling hopeless, you will feel energised and full of positivity that your dream of freedom doing what you love really could come true.

This is an online 1hr session with Paula Burns so it doesn’t matter where you are based. You will get a recording of the session too so there’s no need for you to take notes!