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Get More Sales Training

Why should you work with me on one of my training or mentoring programmes?

I have over 25 years experience in the business and entertainment industry. I worked my way up from the lowest level of Customers Services right through to Business Development Officer and Project Manager within major corporate organisations. During this time I successfully completed my MBA. I eventually made the decision to set up my own company PAB Events over 13 years ago, which incorporates Fabtastic Shopping.

Through the years running my own company I have built strong relationships, created my own networking groups and was the Chair Person for the Gwent Business Womens Network. I have also worked with (and continue to work with) international business mentors.

Following the creation of Fabtastic Shopping, I have developed training programmes to specifically address the issues that independent traders face when they attend events to promote and sell their products.

I regularly attend exhibitions to promote my services and all of the advice I will share with you are what I use within my business on a daily basis, in order to grow and create exceptional results.

Get More Sales Workshop

Did you know there are 4 key steps for increasing your sales?

It can be extremely difficult – not to mention frustrating – when you attend event after event but your sales are low or just enough to get by.

Wouldn’t you really like to know once and for all how to stop struggling to get sales and how to just simply attract sales?

During the The Get Mores Sales workshops you will learn:

  • How to identify your customers
  • Prepare yourself for sales
  • Design show stopping marketing material
  • Create eye catching displays to draw your customers in

You can attend the workshops online or at a beautiful location in South Wales

These workshops are for you if you attend events or exhibitions to promote your products and services.

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Join our exclusive membership club, Fabtastic Businesses The Pros

It’s hard when you are trying to grow a business on your own. There’s information overload (the internet is full of advice!), it’s difficult to find real structure and it’s a  struggle to generate a significant income. Are you feeling that everything you are doing is just a bit hit and miss? Worse still, do you sometimes feel like giving up?

This is one of my favourite pics and quote. Its such a powerful image.

PAB Events Fabtastic Shopping Get More Sales Training

We can never underestimate the importance of a tribe. People who have your back not only when things are going great, but also when you feel your back is against the wall and you need encouragement to keep going. Sometimes just one small action can create a positive shift, but where do you go to get the advice about what that action should be?

Introducing Fabtastic Businesses – The Pros. Being part of this group you will have advice and support at your finger tips, giving clear steps on how to generate consistent sales; growing your confidence and your business.  That’s not all.  You will also have a host of discounts to choose from which will make a real difference to your bottom line. Support is provided on line so it doesn’t matter where you are based.

Let’s start growing the business you have always dreamed of!

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Personal 1 to 1 Training and/or Mentoring

Sometimes you just need to get things done and you need to get things done now.

Personal training and / or mentoring allows me to work exclusively with you a specific period of time. During this time I will be able to dig deeper into the exact issues that are causing you to struggle and provide you with clear strategies to make changes fast.

I have personal training programmes starting from just £495. To agree the best programme for you, please email me directly at info@pabevents.co.uk or telephone 07830 315367 for a free initial consultation