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Shout Out Club

PAB Events Shout Out Club

Earn up to £35 a month in Marks & Spencer vouchers by telling friends & family about our service

Anyone can join and all you need to do is to tell other people about our services. When they book with us you will get your vouchers!

PAB Events & The Wedding Clinic have been helping so many brides create beautiful weddings over the years.

Brides have been ecstatic about our wedding décor, wedding planning and overall support services, all of which have been created to help save time and money while still providing a personal and bespoke service.

With so much going on, we think that we should shout it from the roof tops! But we are aware that collective voices shout loader and many of you are already spreading the word about our services. So if you are helping us shout, we really appreciate it and want to thank you for doing so.

This is why PAB Events & The Wedding Clinic has created the Shout Out Club. It is packed with opportunities for you to spread the word and receive unlimited rewards. And guess what? It’s absolutely free to join. Plus you get a bonus £5 voucher just for joining!*

Click here to join

The Shout Out Club mainly relates to our wedding services as we have noticed that this is popular with friends and family. Our wedding service consist of wedding chair covers and bows, plus a range of other décor items that you will find on the web site.

Every month we will be looking for people who are spreading the word and giving us a Shout Out to customers, who then go on to book our services. Depending on how loud you have been ‘shouting’ you could be pocketing £35 worth of M&S Vouchers or a loaded M&S gift card of the same value.

What would you buy with £35 to spend in Marks & Spencers every month?

Save up for Christmas? Treat yourself to some fabulous food? Buy something for the home? Or buy those stunning shoes you have been eyeing up?

Just click here for your free membership and get a bonus £5 voucher added straight away!*

 How it works:

Tell your friends & family who are planning a wedding about the 10% off all chair cover bookings for 2017 if paid in full*. We are also now taking bookings for 2018 too

Direct them to the PAB Events web site to check out some of the range of styles & colours, plus all our other services

Email their details to and we will provide them with more information about our service and how they can book

We always ask our new clients to tell us how they heard about us, so we will be able to keep track all your introductions. However, please ask your contacts to mention your name when they get in touch with us.

 What much you will get:

If 1 of your referred contacts makes a booking, you will receive £10 worth of M&S vouchers.

If 2 of your referred contacts make a booking you will receive £20 worth of M&S vouchers

You could even earn £35 worth of M & S vouchers per month if 3 or more of your referred contacts make a booking!!

There is no limit to how many people you can refer. Confirmed referrals will be assessed on a monthly basis and your vouchers will be sent at the end of each month

The sooner you start the Shout Outs, the sooner you can start receiving your vouchers or gift card! But don’t forget to join the club first. Just click here for your free membership and get a bonus £5 voucher added straight away!*

By joining the Shout Out Club it helps us to keep track of the customers you are sending our way and just how much we need to pay you each month. We will even be tracking the loudest shouters and giving away bonus gifts from time to time. Remember it is absolutely free to join.

Just click here and enter your details. Then get SHOUTING!


Tell us how we can help you shout

We have promotional flyers, standard paragraphs with links to web pages, images of past wedding and much more. All of these things can help you spread the word more easily. We also welcome your ideas to help you collect those M&S vouchers quicker..

* Current chair cover hire price for 2017 starts at £2.40 per chair depending on location. The discount will be applied to this price. Bookings subject to availability. Minimum numbers apply. Your bonus £5 will be paid with your first monthly payment relating to a referral.