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2016 Bride? Just Breathe

If 2016 is your wedding year, you will be starting to understand the importance of gathering together everything you have booked to create a meaningful and amazing wedding day. 


Planning vs booking

It is about this time that the excitement of having booked all your suppliers becomes a distant memory and all you can think about is whether everyone will do what they are supposed to do on the day. That’s the difference between planning and booking. If you have been doing lots of booking up until now, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed; especially when people keep mentioning things you never thought of!

My advice? Breathe. If you haven’t booked someone to manage your day like the PAB Events Wedding Day Coordination Service, it’s time to roll your sleeves up follow my top tips to creating the day of your dreams.

Contact all your suppliers

Chances are that you booked your wedding suppliers some time ago, so it’s important to connect and discuss everything you have booked to ensure nothing has been missed

Pay all your outstanding invoices

Most wedding suppliers want to be paid at least a month before the wedding date so make sure you have this covered. If there are any slight changes closer to your day, be sure to tell your supplier about it and pay any additional amounts

Tell your venue about everything you have booked

The last thing you want is for that amazing candy cart, or giant love letters you booked to be turned away on the day because the venue didn’t plan a space for it. Chances are that everything you would like can be accommodated, but you will need to communicate the details in plenty of time.

Give clear instructions

Never assume anything. If there is a particular way you would like something done, displayed or handled, put it in writing and have it agreed. The earlier you do this the better. This will ensure you can make alternative arrangements it your wishes can’t be granted.

Don’t try to do everything yourself

The temptation is always there to be involved in every aspect of your day, especially if you have the opportunity to set things up the day before your wedding. Just because you have space the day before your wedding, it doesn’t mean you have to fill it with activities and stress. If you plan in advance you can hand over the responsibility to family and friends or an expert. Then all you need to do during the run up to your day is to relax and prepare YOU.


I would love to hear how you are feeling during the build up to your wedding. Just leave your comments below


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