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4 things to do as your wedding day approaches

Your big day is nearly here!

PAB Events 4 Top tips as you approach your wedding day

There is nothing like the realisation that you only have weeks rather than months before your big day. The first thing racing through your mind is whether you have done all you need to create one of the best days of your life or whether your beautiful wedding dreams are going to start crumbling around you. STOP. Here are my top 4 wedding tips to approaching your day with ease.


This may seem obvious, but the vision of your wedding day hurtling towards you, can often send brides into a state of hyperventilation! Take your time and try to stay calm as you tie up your loose ends. Remember,panic will cause you to make mistakes and panic spend.

Finalise your guest numbers

There will always be changes in your guest numbers, even up to the day of your wedding. This is because we live in a real world. Things happen which can change even the best laid plans. Try not to get hung up on the fact that your numbers may change slightly a few days before your wedding. Instead, decide on a deadline and go with the numbers you have confirmed at that time. I suggest this deadline is 2 weeks before your wedding, as this is when most caterers will want to know the number of guests to cater for. You also need to give yourself time to create your table plan so it’s fine to set an earlier deadline.

Connect with your suppliers

Chances are you booked your suppliers some time ago. Ideally you should be checking in with them regularly to ensure all is ok. However, as you approach your big day you will need to spend time communicating with your suppliers to ensure (at the least) that all final payments are made, delivery times are agreed and they know how to access your venue.

Plan your hand over

It’s sad to say, but this task often gets forgotten. This is even more important if you have been the main person planning your day. You must give yourself the chance to be the bride. It is virtually impossible to manage your wedding day and enjoy it too. If you are not working with a professional, find someone you can trust. My advice is to start planning your hand over as early as possible to give that person time to understand your vision and what is important to you. They will be your eyes and ears on your wedding day.

Please feel free to share some of your concerns in the spaces below; but most of all, enjoy your day!


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