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How to keep your wedding guests happy

5 added extras to keep your wedding guests happy

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Let’s face it. Odds are that your wedding guests will be very happy to be sharing your day with you. There is something about weddings that brings out the sunshine on everyone. But there are couple pf things to remember when you are planning your day – every minute of your time will be filled with activity. Every minute of your guest’s time will not.

While you are having your photos done, your guests will be waiting. Not everyone will know each other. Some of your guests may have traveled a fair distance to be with you on your day. Some of your elderly guests may need extra attention. These are just a few observations.

So here is my advice on some of the things you can do to keep your guests occupied.

Entertainment during the drinks reception

Providing you are having a drinks reception straight after your ceremony, it makes such a difference to break the ice  and fill the waiting hours with a little bit of entertainment. Popular choices are interactive magicians, caricaturist or a harpist. This provides a topic of discussion and reduces the perceived waiting times.

Teas, coffee & Canapes

If some of your guests have traveled a fair way to your wedding and you don’t plan to sit down to eat until after 3pm , it makes sense to consider having some light canapes during your drinks reception too. Don’t forget that your elderly guests may prefer tea or coffee as opposed to something cold while they wait around for their main meal.

Toiletries in the ladies & gents toilets

It’s a long day. Having the opportunity to freshen up with a few necessary items will make the world of difference; especially to the ladies. But of course the men will appreciate it too! This is very simple to do. Just get yourself a couple of small baskets and fill them with items like deodorant, wet wipes, hand lotions, safety pins (for any little accidents!), hair brush & comb, hair spray and anything else you think might be useful for your guests.

Flip flops

This is becoming increasingly more popular. Long days and long nights, mean sore feet. By the time the party is in full swing, many heels would have been abandoned for bare feet. Having a comfy pair of flip flops to push those feet into is so much more reassuring than wandering around bare feet and your guests will love you for it!

Trivia Questions at the table

This goes back to breaking the ice amongst guests who do not know each other. There is nothing like a bit of competativeness to get people talking and sharing ideas. You can even spice things up by including questions about you as a couple. Instruct your guests to play the game during the meal and then offer an extra bottle of wine (or 2!) for the winning table.

I would love to hear about some of the extra things that you are adding to keep your wedding guests happy. Just use the space below.

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