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Is your wedding supplier too expensive?

How do you decide if a wedding supplier is too expensive?


 It is a constant battle to try and understand the minefield of costs that get thrown at you when you are planning a wedding. It is easy to enter the planning process with a preconceived idea that everything will be over priced so your sole purpose is to find cheap suppliers. But if you have never planned a wedding before, how can you tell the difference between cheap and expensive? Here are my top tips:

  • Be clear about what you want. If you have a found a supplier who isn’t meeting your needs, the price becomes irrelevant. Too many brides to be are quick to choose a low priced service without truly understanding what they are being offered.
  • Take some time to understand what is involved in providing you with a service. Many factors make up a price. If a service is labour intensive, require specialist materials or skill, this will be reflected in the price. The same goes for quality. If you take time to compare 2 services and then find out that the services are the same but prices are at different ends of the scale, by all means go for the cheaper option.
  • Go with your instinct. Have you ever seen something that looked amazing but the person selling it didn’t seem genuine? On paper everything looks great and the price looks really competitive, but something just doesn’t seem quite right. On the other hand, a slightly more expensive option is ticking all your emotional boxes. Then it’s time to go with your inner flow.

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