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Wedding Planning vs booking suppliers

Let’s clear up the definition of wedding planning

Having been in the wedding business for over 13 years, I hear the words wedding planning being bantered around excessively. On every corner there appears to be a wedding planner. Popular phrases are:

  • Wedding planning made easy
  • Wedding planning tips
  • Wedding planning ideas

And let’s not forget the many wedding suppliers who also claim that they offer wedding planning services. But the biggest phrase that makes me feel the most uncomfortable is something like this: “Find out how Jenny [insert another relevant name] planned her wedding for just £1,000 [insert another similar low figure]

wedding planning

Let’s examine the meaning of the word ‘Planning’. The dictionary definition is: the act or process of making or carrying out plans

Now let’s examine the meaning of the work ‘Booking’. The dictionary definition is:  the arrangement that you make when you book something

If we look closely at both these definitions, planning does not have a monetary value. Planning is more about emotions, skills, knowledge, energy and time. While booking, especially when  relating it to whether you are trying to keep costs low, has everything to do with how much you are spending.

Please don’t misunderstand. When I work with my brides to plan their wedding I always start with their budget and what they are comfortable to spend, but it doesn’t end there. As I work with them to identify the suppliers to book, I am also exploring the ease of how all the pieces will fit together, asking the most important logistical questions and identifying the best solutions that will cause the least anxiety possible.

You see the wedding planning process for me is an extremely serious one. It’s not just a game of numbers. There is no end of cheap options available for weddings and you really don’t have to look very hard to find them. But what is not so easy to find is advice on how your day will come together.  Or how all those items that you managed to book (at low prices or otherwise), translate into your dream. Plus, who will stick the pieces together that don’t quite fit so that you and your family will glide through the day that you have been dreaming about for so long?

PAB Events wedding planning

That’s what wedding planning is all about. No amount of frantically trying to source suppliers in record time is going to make your day the awesomeness that it should be.

So the next time that you hear the words ‘plan your wedding for just [insert relevant low figure]’, be sure to recognise if you are just being informed about the cheapest suppliers and a range of DIY options.

I would love to hear your comments about your wedding planning journey. Please leave them below.

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